• Shazia Khan, Treasurer

    Shazia Khan is a Community Development Cohesion Officer working for local authority she was the former Executive Director and Co-Chair of Nottingham Muslim Women's Network. Shazia founded Nottingham Muslim Women's Network in 2014. Shazia Khan has experience of working in community engagement, empowerment and development over the last two decades which has established her as one of the foremost and authentic advocates in pioneering and championing the voice of Muslim Women in Nottingham.

    Shazia is involved in ground breaking local, regional and national projects, which develop innovative models of involvement and participation. She holds an Ma in Educational Research Methods and has been a Research Fellow at the University of Nottingham. She also holds a BA(hons) Communication studies and is a qualified and experienced adult trainer. 

  • Neghat Khan, Co-Chair

    Neghat Khan was born and raised in Nottingham and has lived here all her life. In 2013 Neghat became a Councillor for the Dales ward. During her time on the Council she has been a member on numerous committees and is currently on the Board of Director's at Robin Hodd Energy, Nottingham School's Trust (NST), Nottingham and Nottinghamshire Futures, Nottingham College, Nottingham Education Trust. 

    Neghat became a member of the Executive team in 2016, holding the position of Executive Assistant for Housing and Flooding. In May 2018, she become Portfolio Holder for Education and Skills and held joint responsibility for Equality within the Council. Currently Neghat is Portfolio Holder for Early Years, Education and Employment. 

  • Maxine Cockett, General Member

    Maxine is a grassroots worker and activist with over forty years of experience working with disadvantage families and young people her work includes youth work, working with woman that have fled domestic violence, housing issues, Maxine is also the founder and Executive Director of BBBB local Nottingham charity that seeks to find creative safe places for young people so they can develop skills, share experiences, discover new opportunities and make the right life choices. Most recently, her focus is on girls, gangs, and the knife crime agenda. Maxine has a BA(hones) in youth and community development work.

  • Harriet Willcocks Secretary

  • Marsha Brown, Co-Chair

    Marsha Brown is the co-chair at Nottingham Muslim Women Network. She is a specialist within domestic abuse with nearly 2 decades of experience supporting women and children  to live free from domestic abuse and violence. 

    She has carried out various roles within this sector including refuge outreach sanctuary management. 

    Marsha was involved in developing the R2C service a service that supports women with multiple disadvantages.

    She has also been delivering training to clinician and medical practitioners. 

    Marsha is a feminist and campaigns for women to live from from violence.