NMWN Iftar 2024

🌙✨TO ALL WOMEN AND KIDS🌙✨ We had an amazing time on April 3rd. We all came together to break our fast together👩‍👧‍👦🌙✨ We had a heart warming Community Iftar this Ramadan hosted by Nottingham Muslim Women’s Network! 🕌✨It was an evening of togetherness and joy. We enjoyed all the following activities

🎨 Free Henna art
🎶 Soulful Nasheed
🎭 Captivating Puppet Show
📚 Inspiring Ramadan Stories
🍲 Indulge in Delicious Biryani
🎨 Engage in Art and Crafts
🎁 Exciting Prizes for kids
🍪 Delight in Cookies Art

👘🥻 We had many ladies dressed in their traditional attire and🧆🥧 all ladies brought a dish or a drink from their home countries for a night of celebration and unity with our wider community✨🌸